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First Kicks - 2024 Fall Season


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Start Date

First Kicks will start September 7th, the session runs for 4 weeks on Saturday mornings

Program Description


The Black Hills Rapids Soccer Club is proud to continue the popular First Kicks Program. This program is geared to 3- and 4-year-old soccer players just starting to explore the game. The purpose of the program is intended to have our youngest players get familiar with a game ball and use different parts of the body to manipulate the ball. It is a great time for players and parents to interact in games that challenge the players through decision making.


Details and Equipment

The First Kicks Program is a four-week season that focuses on individual play through fun activities. There are no formal 3v3 or 4v4 games or teams in this age group because the primary focus of the program is emphasized on the individual and not the competition. Each player will be given a ball at the start of the season and is asked to bring their ball each week. Equipment needs for this program include shin guards and socks. Shin guards can be purchased at any local sports store in the Black Hills. Socks will go over top of the shin guards. Players may wear cleats if they want but it is not necessary for them to have them. Tennis shoes would work just fine. As for the soccer attire, that is up to the players. We have had pirates, ballerinas, and English Premier League styles attend in the past. The main idea is to dress comfortably because there will be a lot of running, jumping, hopping, rolling, bouncing, and soccer playing, so we would like our players to be comfortable. The last item to bring would be WATER.


What to Expect

When attending the First Kicks Program, the coaches will be playing and interacting with the players and parents. Coaches will be teaching the players fundamental skills through fun activities that parents can do at home. All the activities that are played can be shared with the parents during and after the season. We believe that by sharing the information with the parents, it will encourage our younger players and families to continue to embrace this game at home during the “off season”.




Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Mike Fairchild

Recreational Program Director